Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding Service in Sydney

Stump grinding Sydney services is a quick and efficient method of removing unwanted tree stumps which can help prevent the spread of fungal diseases such as honey fungus to neighbouring trees. Arisings can be back filled into the hole enabling the surface to be re-instated quickly with any excess removed. Where tree stump removal or Stump grinding is unfeasible or not required, tree stumps can be killed using suitable treatments to prevent re-growth.

All trees are living and a part of the natural cycle is to release branches that are not required. They do this in the form of a die back which creates dead wood. This dead wood in an urban environment causes a liability problem for people and their man-made environments. Removal of this wood from the tree should be done when there is a definite risk to the surrounding environment and people.

All of the above processes can be performed by our company using safe working practices in accordance with the Australian Standards.

Following are some of the major reasons to remove the Stump/ Stump grinding Sydney:

  • May attract Termites who can spread disease to other trees

  • A stump is not easily disintegrate or takes 10 + years to rot

  • Looks ugly in your yard or garden

  • Most stumps depending upon the type of the tree, reshoot and in some cases can expand uncontrollably Stumps exposed can be hazardous or can cause accidents to children playing in the yard or garden

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