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Landscaped spaces add to the beauty and value of your home and they contain a number of plantings and trees. People often overlook the fact that the trees on their property require as much attention as the other plants and shrubs. While they are hardier and more resilient than smaller plants and lawn grasses, they too can become impacted by fungal and pest infestations, dry or develop rot, start leaning dangerously into structures or even get damaged in stormy weather or when lightning strikes.

This is why its important to hire experts that provide professional tree care services Dawes Point. We at Treemendous Tree Care are one of the leading companies in this space and are highly focused on providing our customers the best tree maintenance services.

Affordable Tree Removal services Dawes Point

Types of Tree Services Dawes Point

We provide comprehensive and cheap tree care services such as:

  • Tree Trimming – This service helps improve the overall health and aesthetics of your trees and also helps improve the view from your home.
  • Tree Pruning – This service improves the appearance of trees, but is also necessary to make the trees stronger and improve their overall health. Well-planned tree pruning can have a significantly beneficial impact on your trees’ future.
  • Stump Grinding – If there is an unwanted stump on your property from a poorly-handled tree removal job, we can grind the stump to the ground. We use latest machines in this work and make sure that all the wood chips are either removed from your property or used as mulch for your lawns and other gardens spaces.
  • Tree Removal – If a tree is growing dangerously close to any structure on your property, or has become damaged due to a lightning or storm hit, it may have to be removed completely. We use safe and proven techniques to clear the foliage, cut down the branches and trunk and grind the stump to the ground.
  • Tree Maintenance – We provide excellent all-round tree maintenance contracts and our technicians will visit your property at regular intervals and check the health and condition of all the trees. They will trim and prune or lop them as required and make sure there are no fungal or any pest infestations.
  • Tree Clearing Services – Developers, builders and even individual property owners hire our tree clearing services when they need to make space on their property for structures. We carry out this work in an expert manner.
  • Tree Mulching – This is a very beneficial service as it helps dispose of all of the unwanted tree trunks and branches that are the result of a tree trimming or removal job. We can use the wood mulch in your garden to improve its appearance and health.

For any more information on the different types of Tree Services Dawes Point we provide, feel free to call Treemendous Tree Care on 0410 976 081 and speak with our helpful customer service representatives about your requirement. You can also send us your queries or a free, no-obligation quote, via this online form.

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